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Emergency Dental Services

Whenever you experience pain or require emergency dental care services, we can always schedule an emergency appointment for you at a NoFrills Dental practice in your locality.

At NoFrills Dental practices, we are always excited to provide you emergency dental services irrespective of your patient status. Usually the NoFrills Dental practices can offer services without appointments or issue appointments on the same day. Nevertheless, sometimes it becomes necessary to schedule appointments for the next day.

After your dental emergency has been addressed by our team, it is highly likely that existing patients will be schedules for a re-evaluation while new patients will be schedules a full examination.

Emergency Dental Services

Emergency services provided include:

  • Relief for tooth ache
  • Repair for cracked or damaged tooth
  • Relief for sore gum
  • Patching up loose or lost fillings
  • Relief for swollen jaw
  • Root canal treatment

    For all other medical and dental emergencies, call 911.

    NoFrills Dental practice Patients

    In case you are an NoFrills Dental practice patient and experience a dental emergency after working hours, you can make a direct call to your local practice office to connect with our emergency team.