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Analyse Your Smile

Our A.I system will instantly identify your oral conditions and provide a report showing your treatment options. We’ll then contact you to schedule a virtual consult with one of our dentists.

How Does It Work?

Upload your photos

Fill up the form and submit your oral images. From these photos, our intelligent system will generate an accurate report on your oral health and smile.

Image analysis

Through the power of artificial intelligence, your photos will be processed and analysed before being verified by one of our dentists. 


Digitised Dental Assessment

Within minutes, a report detailing a full analysis of your oral health will be emailed to you. All pre-existing oral health issues that you may have will be picked up and explained in detail, along with the relevant treatment options. 

Virtual Consultation

We’ll contact you to discuss your report and schedule you in for a virtual consult with one of our dentists so that you may better understand the treatment options available to you and answer any questions that you may have.