Getting Dentures: What to Expect

Dentures offer many people the renewed confidence to eat and speak in greater comfort. NoFrills Dental practice has for the past decades assisted thousands of patients in getting dentures and we will be more than happy to help you radiate that beautiful smile once again.

Treatments may vary depending on your dentist’s recommendation, however we have outlined below some tips and advice on what you are to experience when it comes to getting dentures. 

Your initial appointment and denture fitting

You will first be requested to complete a form regarding your medical history. Kindly include all the relevant health information including all medical prescription and any other medications that you are on and their quantities. The dental personnel will take your mouth’s impressions for the purpose of creating permanent dentures. It is during this first appointment that all dental preparations including extractions will be done.

Changing to dentures might be a huge and sudden step.

You should talk to your dentist about all the worries and concerns regarding your treatment. Your dentist will be able to provide guidance on the issues you raise whether big or small. It may take you some time to get used to dentures but usually many patients enjoy its benefits immediately.

Quick and reliable service

Every NoFrills Dental practice has a denture lab in its offices. Therefore your dental team is able to easily provide you a customised denture fit in a very quick and efficient fashion.

Denture adjustments and repairs are offered on the same day however these services can be performed as you wait only if you are already fitted with dentures.

Becoming accustomed to your newly-fitted dentures

It can take quite some time before you get used to your dentures. However with correct care and frequent relines you will soon become accustomed to your dentures. You will be shown how to take care of your dentures by your dentist who will also assists you to select the most suitable dentures for you.

We will keep checking on you after the fitting to see if you are faring on well. Meanwhile in case of any issues you can get in touch with us.

What to do if you have had your dentures on for some time

With time, the shape of your mouth naturally changes and your once perfect dentures get worn out. Sooner or later you will have to come to book an appointment at your local NoFrills Dental practice to get denture repair or reline.

Sometimes it is possible to have repairs or relines done on the same day as you wait for existing and new patients while at time this is not possible. Therefore to get faster service, call us in advance to book an appointment. Your local NoFrills Dental practice may rebase your dentures as well.

NoFrills Dental practices’ dentists recommend that every five or seven years you should replace your dentures. Worn out dentures can cause shrinking of your jawbone, gum tissue irritation and infections making it hard for you chew and swallow food. Eventually, all this disturbs your digestive tract. Always remember that there is a direct connection between your health in general and your oral health.

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