Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can improve your smile and show off teeth you’re proud of. NoFrills Dental practices offer several cosmetic dentistry options.

Improving Your Smile

Smile Checklist
Look in the mirror.

  • Do you like the way your teeth look?
  • Do you dislike the color of any of your teeth?
  • Are there spaces between your teeth?
  • Do you have any chips or cracks on your teeth?
  • Are you missing any teeth?
  • Do you have any crooked teeth?
  • Do you feel your teeth are too long or too short?
  • Are you pleased with the shapes and position of your teeth?

If your answers show that you might want a change in your smile, talk to your dentist about Improving Your Smile.

A great smile can be the most attractive feature of your face. A smile helps you express health, success, youth and sincerity. It is a great asset in your personal, business and social contacts. So it’s important that you are happy with how your smile looks.

Your dentist has many different techniques to shape, sculpt, and make your smile more beautiful. With a few simple steps, you can have a smile you feel great about. And treatment may be more affordable than you think.

Here are some popular treatment options:


Tooth-Colored Fillings

To repair teeth that have been damaged by cavities, your dentist may use materials colored to blend in with the natural color of your teeth. Filling materials can be composite materials like resin or porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays made in the laboratory.

Tooth Whitening

Various things can cause teeth discoloration including drinking tea, coffee or wine, smoking and teeth also get discolored with age. Tooth whitening removes stains on teeth and making them appear whiter. The bleaching agent your dentist uses to whiten your teeth is stronger compared to household bleaching agents. You should note that it is not always possible to get sparkling white teeth like those seen in movies. Your dentist will suggest to you the most suitable whitening treatment depending on your needs.


A veneer is a thin shell that is attached on the front surface of a tooth and is usually colored to blend in with the natural color of teeth. Veneers are usually designed according to patient needs using composite resin or ceramic. Veneers can cover up discolored or crooked teeth and fill gaps in between teeth.


Braces are used to assist in the alignment of crooked or congested teeth and correct uneven bite. Today braces are very small and not easily noticeable. To make braces less noticeable brace brackets are at times attached at the backside of the teeth while some are clear while some are colored to blend with the natural color of teeth.

Some treatments do not require braces; instead the dentist may recommend removable aligners that are clear and which gradually align your teeth. Compared to normal braces, aligners are less noticeable.

Enamel Shaping

A tooth can be reshaped by sculpting its outer surface which is known as the enamel. Enamel shaping can be used to enhance the appearance of congested or uneven teeth or teeth that seem or feel too long.


Crowns are used for teeth that require significant transformation that cannot be achieved through enamel shaping and veneers. A crown completely restores a damaged tooth; the tooth’s outer layer is eliminated and replaced with a crown. The crown is usually colored to blend with your existing teeth.

Steps to Getting a Great Smile    

Visit your dentist to get to know the options available for enhancing your smile. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment plan based on your dental needs. In case you are suffering from any gum disease or tooth cavities, your dentist will first recommend a treatment plan for the disease. Before you begin any cosmetic treatment it is essential for your oral health to be good.  

There are many treatment procedures that help improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your oral health. Do not hesitate to visit your dentist to determine the options available to get that great smile you deserve.



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