Dental Insurance

NoFrills Dental offers a wide variety of payment schemes and payment options on top of its network of insurance partners that patients can tap on.

Speak to our patient support staff for more information on the dental insurance providers that we accept.

We accept a range of dental policies covering individuals, families, & corporates

NoFrills Dental Is An Accredited Global Insurance Provider

We have partnered with many dental insurance companies such as AIA, IHP, MHC, AON, Advantage Health Benefits, and more!

Our coverage for routine dental treatment typically includes teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions, x-rays and consultations.

Employee Dental Benefits

Most employees in Singapore enjoy some medical/dental coverage under their company’s group health insurance plans. Your Human Resource Department will be able to provide you information on your medical and dental benefits that you are entitled to.

Personal Dental Insurance

If you have existing personal health insurance policies that cover you for your dental/oral health treatments, do inform us about your claiming process, so that we may better assist you.

NoFrills Dental participates in a variety of Insurance Programs, click here for the full list of partnership programs, that we’re a part of.

For further enquiries, you can also call our support hotline at 9007 1085

Experienced & Dedicated Team of  Dental Professionals

Our team of experienced dentists are fully dedicated to providing patients with high-quality and affordable dental care. Our dentists are well-versed in the all schools of dentistry, and are highly adept at producing effective and long term solutions for all your dental needs.

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Dr. Kenneth Siah

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Dr. Danesh

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Dr. Joshua Chong

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Dr. Bernice Tan

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Dr. Li Kexin

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Dr. Alex Dovban

FAQs Dental Insurance

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that our dentists get from patients.

Do I have any dental coverage?

Depending on your health insurance or corporate insurance, you may be eligible for some dental coverage. 

In order to check if you’ve got any dental insurance coverage, you’ll need to check with your healthcare insurance provider or with your HR Department if you’re utilising your corporate insurance plan.

Does my dental insurance cover dental implants?

It depends, most dental insurance providers only cover basic dental treatments such as scaling and polishing and dental fillings. 

However, some dental plans do cover more complex procedures such as root canal treatment or even dental implants. 

To understand your dental coverage, you’ll need to contact your dental insurance provider for the full list of items that you’re covered for. 

Can I use my insurance for Invisalign or braces?

In Singapore, most insurance only cover clinically necessary procedures. Orthodontic treatment is generally considered to be a non-essential and elective dental procedure. As such, it is generally not claimable under most dental insurance plans.

However, there are certain select cases where orthodontic treatment can be claimed with insurance – cases where orthodontic treatment has been deemed medically necessary, i.e. accident involving damage to face or teeth, severe malocclution resulting in tooth decay or periodontitis which can only be resolved through the use of orthodontic treatment. 

What insurance does NoFrills Dental accept?

NoFrills Dental is on the clinical panel of quite a number of insurance providers, you can check out the full list of insurance proviers who plans we accept below.

Alternatively, you can contact our support hotline to speak to one of our patient support staff.

Partnered Programs & Insurance Plans

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Other Payment Schemes

Here are other payment schemes related to dental insurance that you might be interested in