Appointment with Dental Hygienist

Regular visits to NoFrills Dental Practice for check-ups and continuing care is very important in maintaining a healthy mouth. It is through such visits that small dental problems can be identified and stopped from becoming serious and more costly.

Basic Cleaning

This appointment with your dental hygienist is intended for patients with healthy teeth to ensure long-term oral health. It is also referred to as prophylaxis or six-month cleaning. Through this appointment you can get to know if you have a healthy mouth and realize clean and whitened teeth. 

On a normal appointment with your dental hygienist, you can look forward to:

  • A review of your medical history: Let your hygienist know of any medical or dietary changes since they affect your treatment as well as your oral health in general.
  • Discuss about all the worries you have with regards to your mouth, teeth and oral health in general.
  • Review of routine oral care that you can practice at home: your hygienist will go through a series of instructions on the extra care you may need to improve your oral health.
  • Visual examination of your gum tissue.
  • Plaque, stains and tartar removal.
  • Teeth flossing and polishing.

Mouth cancer screening: You may be examined for oral cancer depending on risk factors and the status of your health. This exam is fast and painless. It enables early detection of oral cancers even when there are visible symptoms.

Fluoride treatment: Fluoride treatments may be recommended to protect and strengthen your teeth. This treatment can be offered in any of your dental appointments.

Appointment for Periodontal Maintenance

NoFrills Dental practice offers treatment to those patients that have received a periodontal disease diagnosis.

All patients are different but usually the first prescription to periodontal disease patients is the conventional periodontal therapy or deep cleaning that involves root planing and scaling. During this procedure, infections and deposits are removed from the roots of teeth and the gums. 

After this procedure, you will be scheduled to visit your dentist to monitor and control the periodontal disease after every 3 months. During these appointments, emerging infections are treated hence stopping the disease from progressing further.   

  • Why it is very important for you to strictly follow your three-month periodontal maintenance program: By strictly following your scheduled periodontal maintenance appointments, all new infections will detected and treated and you will not need a repeat of the root planing and scaling procedures; this also means no additional costs.  

  • Can basic cleaning work just fine as an alternative to periodontal maintenance? Periodontal maintenance and basic cleanings are essentially very different procedures. Basic cleaning is a preventive procedure for periodontal disease and not a treatment. During periodontal maintenance, your gums and teeth are monitored and emerging infections treated to control the periodontal disease and restore your gums back to their normal healthy condition. Depending on your dentist’s recommendation, periodontal disease maintenance schedule may be a little different.

Note that your periodontal maintenance program may vary based on your dentist’s recommendation. 

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