Dental Check-Ups

Good oral health begins when you take the initiative to get a dental check-up. Initial dental examinations are provided at no cost to patients that have no insurance covers; however there are a few limitations associated with this*. After the first examination, your dentist then recommends a treatment plan designed to meet your individual dental needs. The treatment plan will enable you and the dental team you are assigned to, to work towards you achieving optimum dental health.

You may receive different services depending on your oral health status however during your initial dental check-up you can generally expect:

  • A medical history review. Provide your dentist information regarding your diet and all the medicines you are using since they may have an effect on your oral health and the treatment your dentist will recommend.
  • A discussion about the issues about your mouth, teeth and oral health in general that you might be worried about. You are encouraged to ask your dentists as many questions as possible to settle your worries.   
  • An oral examination that may include a visual examination of your gum tissue and a visual scan for oral cancer. 
  • X-rays usually to check teeth that have not emerged from the gum.
  • An all-inclusive treatment plan that recommends a treatment to address your needs and continued dental care.

After your initial dental check-up, your dentist recommends a treatment plan created to specifically address all your dental needs and it will include hygiene appointments. It is possible to start your treatment immediately after your first check-up.


Low-risk and cost effective way to get to know your oral health status

We provide initial dental examinations and x-rays at low cost or for free to patients that have no insurance covers; however there are a few limitations associated with this*. You will be provided with your copies of your X-ray and exam results at no extra costs in case you need a second medical opinion. 

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