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NoFrills Dental aims to provide accessible, affordable and no-frills dental care for people of all ages in a clean and comfortable ambience. We take great pride in delivering a holistic high quality dental experience through our professional excellence, quality material, advanced technology and high standard of cleanliness.
The network that lets dentists be dentists

About NoFrills Dental


Experienced Team

With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, our team has established themselves as a providers of high-quality dental services.


Global Franchise Network

NoFrills Dental is global network of professionals in the dental space. We encourage dentists globally to join NoFrills Dental, the network that lets dentists be dentists.


Professional & Friendly Staff

NoFrills Dental prides itself on the high quality patient-care and professionalism of all our staff. We provide training opportunities to our staff to encourage both professional and personal growth.


NoFrills Dental clinics are always strategically located at convenient locations


NoFrills Dental  provides highly affordable dental services in clean and comfortable environments.


NoFrills Dental services are offered to everyone with different dental needs and budgets.

Our Mission Is to Become the Preferred Choice to Professional & Affordable Dental Care

NoFrills Dental is a company with a big heart and even bigger ambition to improve oral health wherever we are. We are passionate about delivering patient-focused dental care and oral wellness programs.

We are fundamentally about doing what’s right for our patients, by our trained employees in the communities we serve.

Joining NoFrills Dental Group was the best decision that I’ve made in my career! They’ve allowed me to focus on my passion of running my own dental practice without the hassle of managing a business.

Dr. Joshua Chong

The management team at NoFrills Dental has provided me with consistent support with regards to all aspects of my dental practice. They’re a group of professional and highly capable individuals that have what it takes to manage multiple clinics efficiently.

Dr. Danesh

Through NoFrills Dental, I’ve been able to achieve the perfect work-life balance by having to not worry about the managerial functions of a dental clinic. This allows me to focus solely on providing the highest quality patient care to my patients. 

Dr. Kenneth Siah

The NoFrills Extended Family

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