Helpful Tips on Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene routines will help you keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy all the time. Below are some good oral hygiene tips that you can follow:

Sugary foods and drinks increase the risk of tooth decay

Are you always sipping sugary drinks? How often do you eat candy or breath-mints? Do you eat snacks instead of meals? Are you fond of energy drinks whenever you feel fatigued?

In case your answer to any one of the above questions is yes then your teeth are highly prone to decay. Continue reading to learn more.

Your teeth can be affected by what you eat and the number of times you eat

What you eat and the number of times you eat affects your teeth. Your teeth can become damaged if continuously consume foods and beverages that are excessively sugary. If you eat snacks throughout the day then your teeth may decay.   

Plaque is the sticky bacterial coating that keeps accumulating on the surface of teeth. Plaque should be removed from teeth on a daily basis and if not it accumulates. Bacteria contained in plaque break down sugar into acid which attacks the outer tooth covering. Acid is formed in just about twenty minutes after consumption of a sugary food or drink and starts attacking the enamel. Therefore if you repeatedly take sugary beverages or foods throughout the day, your enamel gets attacked over and over again. It is these repeated attacks that lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay requires your dentist’s attention. 

Choose foods and drinks with low sugar additives to avoid tooth decay.

Eat healthy food to maintain a healthy mouth

Healthy meals prevent not only tooth decay but also prevent you from becoming sick or obese and keep you energized. A balanced or healthy diet includes:

  • Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy products that do not contain fats or have low amounts of fats. 
  • Beans, nuts, lean meat, fish and poultry.
  • Foods in quantities depicted on the image below.

healthy diet plate showing the recommended fruits, vegtables, grains, protein an dairy

Nearly every type of food contains sugar and you also need some sugar in your diet. Most foods including fruits and dairy products contain natural sugars, vitamins and other nutrients which are essential for the body.

Foods rich in proteins, vitamins, phosphorous and calcium are good for the teeth.

You can lower the chances of getting tooth decay by:

  • Reducing consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Note that energy and sport drinks contain added sugars. Choose snacks with low amounts of sugars and fats if you cannot help it.
  • Having sugary beverages and foods with meals. While eating food, the amount of saliva in the mouth increases; saliva weakens acid and washes away food particles. 
  • Chewing sugar-free gum. It has been established that chewing sugar-free gum for twenty minutes after eating lowers the risk of tooth decay.
  • Drinking lots of water. Fluoride contained in tap water protects your teeth from decay and washes away sugar. 
  • Visiting your dentist on a regular basis.

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