Ways to Get Over Dental Anxiety

Normally patients get uneasy prior to or during visits to the dentist. Below are ways to get over dental anxiety and fear:

  • Let your dentist or hygienist know of your anxiety; this way they can provide you details on what exactly the procedure is about and you are aware of what is to come. Your dentist and all other dental personnel are tasked with ensuring that you are relaxed and under no pressure. 
    • Usually patients recount that the actual procedures were much smoother before and that they would be less nervous if they knew beforehand what the procedures entailed.
  • Have headphones on during your dentist appointment so that you do not hear the sounds.  Just make sure you talk to your dentist about this before your appointment. 
  • Ask your dentist to use a numbing agent to reduce pain.
    • Different people have different pain thresholds. Feel free to request for some numbing agent in case it is not offered at first or if the pain becomes too much. Dentists will always address their patients’ needs to ensure they are comfortable throughout the process.
  • Ask about medication to inhibit anxiety. Various practices give patients medication to inhibit anxiety during their dental appointment. You need to ask about this before your appointment day. 
  • Watch chair-side television programs as you get the procedure done. You can for example watch your TV favorite show.
  • Have somebody you trust accompany you to the dentist, this will help minimize your anxiety and make you feel more comfortable.

Come early for your appointment. You get time to relax and manage stress simply by reading journal or a paper as you wait.

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