Dental Treatment Plan – What you need to know

The health of your mouth depends on the treatment plan recommended by your dentist. This plan was specifically designed to meet your needs and it defines how you together with your NoFrills Dental practice team are going to work together to achieve healthier and happier dental condition.

What it is about

All the dental care services recommendations by your dentist are outlines in your treatment plan. Additionally, your treatment plan specifies for how long the dental care services are to be provided and the cost of these services after deducting insurance cover if it is applicable.

Your treatment plan is a detailed and long-term approach to achieving a healthy mouth. It is created to stop small problems from growing into more serious problems that are costly to treat. 

Your dental treatment plan is customized just for you

In case of any issues regarding your treatment plan you can always forward them to your dentist for clarification. Remember that you should be comfortable with every aspect of your treatment plan. You must be happy with the path you are going to take to achieve a healthier set of teeth.  

Peace of Mind: NoFrills Dental practice provides you a precise and comprehensive estimation of how much your dental treatment plan would cost in written form, so that you prepare in advance for your treatment.

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