Your First Visit to the Dentist & Dental Examination

We are committed to ensuring that your first visit to the dentist is as comfortable as possible. So first and foremost, we provide you with a description on what to expect when you visit NoFrills Dental practice for the first time.

  • At NoFrills Dental practice, we are ever excited to respond to all enquiries about your first visit to the dentist- you can simply call us, write to us, or consult your dentist  with as many questions you may have.

Reception and paperwork

When you visit NoFrills Dental practice, expect a warm reception by your local Patient Service Representative. The Patient Service Representative will guide you through the paperwork for new patients.  

  • Kindly arrive for your appointment 15 minutes earlier so that you get ample time to fill out the new patient paperwork.

Initial full examination and X-rays

When you meet your dentist you will discuss your medical and health history. Feel free to share all your oral health concerns and fears-remember you will not be judged so there is no need to fear. You are encouraged to ask your dentist as many question as possible. 

Afterwards, it is very likely that your NoFrills Dental practice dentist will look at your mouth, gums and teeth. Your dentist may also perform other procedures such as x-rays or/and panoramic radiographs.

Dentists use panoramic radiographs to examine teeth that have not emerged from the gum also known as impacted/unerupted teeth and sinus conditions. In addition, panoramic radiographs can identify jaw injuries or fractures.

  • This initial full examination enables you safely get to know how healthy your mouth is as well as find out the solutions the NoFrills Dental practice team can offer you. In case you need a need a second medical opinion, you can always request for copies of your X-rays and exam results at no extra cost.
  • You might not receive teeth cleaning during your first visit to the dentist: This is because the first visit usually is about building a patient-dentist relationship where the dental team gets to understand your issues and concerns before they can come up with a treatment plan tailor-made to meet your needs.

Discuss your treatment plan with your dentist

You will get to sit with your dentist who will talk about the full treatment plan that he/she will have specifically designed to meet your dental needs. You receive guidance from an expert’s perspective but even so, you are allowed and encouraged to ask questions because it is you to make the final decision regarding your dental treatment.

Your dentist recommends a treatment plan to avert small problems from escalating further and becoming more costly; your treatment plan will therefore address all your present concerns and may as well identify other issues that could emerge in the future and affect your oral-health. This is to say that the treatment plan covers both short-term and long-term oral health issues.

Afterwards, the Patient Service Representative will respond to any further enquiries and concerns including the issues regarding your insurance cover and the available payment options.

Realizing an improved oral hygiene and healthy mouth

Following your first visit to the dentist, you will be provided with your treatment plan copy which also includes an estimation of the cost of the treatments recommended. In case of any issues or concerns regarding your treatment plan, kindly call us – we always seek to ensure you fully understand and are comfortable with the treatment plan recommended to you.

No risks, no hidden fees

NoFrills Dental practice provides you a precise and comprehensive estimation of how much your dental treatment plan would cost in written form, so that you prepare in advance for your treatment.

Additionally in case you are unsatisfied with the fitting of your dentures, they will be corrected to your satisfaction or you will be given a refund.


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