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Redefining the Invisalign Experience

Dental Monitoring

by Dr. Li Kexin (BDS)

Dental Monitoring is the first dynamic aligner tracking technology which allows the dental team to monitor your treatment and communicate with you seamlessly. It allows for early detection of any aligner or oral health issues, dynamic engagement with the dental team, and a higher quality of finishing for aligner treatments such as Invisalign.

With the power of artificial learning, dentists can address some common issues faced by patients undergoing their Invisalign treatment. Providing patients with a faster, more effective and efficient overall Invisalign experience.

The Problems With Invisalign

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Dentist Has Less Control Over Invisalign

Fundamentally, the Invisalign treatment works by using a set of 3D aligners designed based on a prediction of movements of the teeth. It aims to shift your teeth using small changes in the shape of consecutive aligners to achieve a good alignment.

Unlike other dental treatments where the dentist have more control over the outcome of the results, success of the Invisalign treatment process is highly patient dependent. Although the dentist can plan for the whole treatment, the bulk of the treatment happens at home, where the patient wears the aligners voluntarily.

Hence the compliance of the patient, as well as the biological response of the teeth, are very important in determining the outcome of the treatment.

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Uncertainty of Initial Treatment and Refinements
Most of the changes in alignment happens in the first cycle of the Invisalign treatment. Sometimes some teeth are not responding according to plan, or some aligners weren’t worn properly during the process, hence at the end of the first round of treatment 100% results cannot be obtained.

This leads to the need of refinement: additional aligners to finetune the teeth alignment to achieve a final result. Hence, the better the results of the first round of treatment, the less time it takes to complete your Invisalign process.

dental xrays on a patient

Invisalign Treatment Can Go Wrong
Many things can go wrong during the wear of the aligners. It is physically impossible for your dentist to be with you 24/7 to help you check your aligners every time you insert them.

Attachments can fall off without you noticing, aligners can be unseated and hence not exerting the right amount of pressure, and you may develop gum issues by frequently missing a spot during brushing.

The Solution: Dental Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence Monitoring Tool

Dental Monitoring is the first dynamic aligner tracking technology which allows the dental team to monitor your treatment and communicate with you seamlessly. It allows for early detection of any aligner or oral health issues, dynamic engagement with the dental team, and a higher quality of finishing for aligner treatments.

dental monitoring artificial intelligence detecting unseated aligner

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is the way forwards for many industries, and Dental Monitoring has perfected an A.I. system trained on big data, to spot a range of issues that can present within your scan.

Every time you take a scan when you’re due to change your aligners, the scan is analysed by DM’s A.I. system to pick up any issues ranging from lost attachments to oral hygiene problems.

The accuracy of the A.I. is already very remarkable, and even so, all the scans are further vetted by a clinical team of trained doctors before it appears on you and your dentist’s dashboard 12 hours later. This ensures that the analysis of the scan is fast, detailed and accurate.

woman showing her dental monitoring app and messages

Seamless Communication

The Dental Monitoring system is built to facilitate the engagement between patients and their dentists. Once your scan is performed, if there are no problems picked up, the A.I. will prompt you to proceed with your next aligner change.

However, if any issues are detected, a message appears on the dentist’s dashboard immediately so that your dentist can advise you of what actions to take to mitigate this issue.

For example, if an aligner unseat is detected, your dentist might recommend you to wear your aligners for a few more days and use chewies more in that specific area.

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Shorter Treatment Duration

As mentioned previously, the total length of the Invisalign treatment is dependent on the level of completion of each aligner treatment cycle. Undetected issues would need more time to resolve, for example by backtracking to previous aligners, and in turn increasing treatment time.

Dental Monitoring has been shown to improve the results such that patients would need less refinements, and eliminate the extra time spent sorting out unexpected/undetected issues, thus shortening the overall treatment time for Invisalign.

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Reduced Dental Clinic Visits

With the Dental Monitoring system, your dentist is able to view your progress after every aligner and hence would be able to increase the time between recall visits.

Without dental monitoring, if recalls are scheduled too long apart, problems that happens in between which goes undetected by the patient can escalate to be a difficult situation to resolve.

With Dental Monitoring, instead of reviewing you every 4-6 weeks, the recall visits can be scheduled up to 12 weeks apart. Because being on Dental Monitoring gives your dentist the peace of mind, since you’re always in touch, virtually.

Mother helping her son take a photo of his smile to track the process of his orthodontic treatment using the dental monitoring A.I. powered system

Very Easy To Use

The Dental Monitoring system has been designed to be easy to learn and use. Simple tutorial videos are available to show you how to take your own scans. The unique scan-box by DM allows the patient to take their own scans effortlessly with the camera on your own smartphones.

The user interface is also easy to understand and user-friendly. Alert systems are present to notify you when you’re due for a scan, when issues are detected, or even when your dentist sends a greeting.

dental monitoring app notification telling patient that progress is good and no dental review is required for the month

Track Your Progress

Dental Monitoring records all your scans along your Invisalign journey for you to refer back to your previous dental condition anytime.

The system can also generate a time-lapse of your teeth alignment to visualise your alignment improvements.

dentists and patient posing together

Monthly Subscription Model

Dental Monitoring works on a monthly subscription system which allows you to opt in and out anytime you want.

Patients have the flexibility to decide their subscription, although it is always recommended to start DM when you start wearing your Invisalign aligners, and at least use it through your first course of treatment.

dental monitoring scan box

Low Costs Involved

As per the previous point, Dental Monitoring is charged by month, from as low as $25 per month. When starting out on your Dental Monitoring journey, you would need to purchase a scan box, and from there the only cost is the subscription fee.

Am I A Suitable Candidate?

All patients who are about to undergo Invisalign treatment are recommended to subscribe to Dental Monitoring for a better treatment experience.

Especially for patients who are on longer treatments in the moderate and comprehensive treatment plan, DM would be able to provide a much more dynamic, predictable, and fun aligner experience for your Invisalign journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Dental Monitoring can greatly improve your Invisalign experience, giving you smooth, predictable and successful treatment.
  • Let the A.I. system assess your aligner fitting, decide the best time for your change of aligners, and automatically inform your dentist of any issues.
  • Use the Dental Monitoring system to communicate seamlessly with your dentist and the dental team.
  • Easily visualise your progress and track your improvement to see how far you have come on your Invisalign journey.
  • Dental Monitoring is suitable for all patients who are using the Invisalign system!

“Positive experiences in the dental setting goes a long way. I aim to provide quality dental care tailored to every patient’s individual needs.”

Dr Li Kexin

Dental Surgeon, NoFrills Dental

So, What’s Next?

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