The Dangers of DIY Braces

Getting DIY braces without consulting professional dentists may complicate your dental health. Sharp pains with jaw points and muscle spasms are common side effects.

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Dangers of DIY Braces

What are DIY braces?

Technology has advanced so rapidly that it’s easy to create braces from plastic molds with 3D printing technology. All that’s needed is a simple scan, and your custom-made aligners are ready for use.

However, when you remove orthodontists from this process and proceed with your teeth straightening treatment without professional monitoring and supervision, this becomes a Do-It-Yourself process that could pose serious risks to your dental health and potentially lead to irreversible damage.

Are rumours of the dangers greatly exaggerated?

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The cost of convenience

The idea of a fast and fuss-free treatment is very enticing, but you should be aware of the potential gum and bone damage that may occur if teeth are moved too quickly. Any harm done with DIY braces may be irreversible or end up costing you more than a treatment that involves proper supervision in the first place.

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The risk of going back to square one

Consulting a professional orthodontist ensures that your treatment plan is mapped out so that your teeth move at a comfortable pace to their new positions. DIY braces, while promising a quicker fix, involves a risk of relapse if your teeth are not taken care of after the treatment due to the lack of post-treatment guidance.

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Less is more problems

With no pre-assessment or X-rays done, there may be underlying pre-existing dental complications that would go completely unnoticed in a simple 3D scan. Purchasing and using DIY braces without the consult of professional dentists may further complicate your current dental health. There have been cases of people experiencing sharp pains with jaw points and muscle spasms with DIY braces.

Is there a safer solution?

The most important part of your teeth straightening journey is having certified dental professionals to consult in order to ensure that you get the smile you want.

Having Zenyum’s board of certified orthodontists and dental experts involved in every stage of the process means that you enjoy a safer treatment experience. Zenyum’s partnership with trusted clinics like NoFrills Dental ensures that your X-rays, 3D scans and customised treatment plans are in the hands of professionals.

With countless years of experience in the industry, these experts will guide you through your treatment and offer advice before, during, and after the treatment on taking proper care of your teeth based on your unique dental health, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you are looking for a safe, effective and reliable treatment that is highly affordable, ZenyumClear™ Aligners might just be the ideal solution. These invisible aligners are barely noticeable when you wear them, but they produce noticeable results within 3-9 months, varying by individual case complexities.

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Still on the fence?

Simply take the first step by getting a smile assessment with Zenyum – it’s absolutely free! Or, contact NoFrills Dental for more details.

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