Getting the facts straight on invisible aligners: Yay or nay to X-rays?

Everything you need to know before getting invisible aligners – from the importance of X-rays to how Zenyum compares against other brands.

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dentist examining a patient's dental xray - checking for Pericoronitis

Don’t axe that X-ray

Wondering if you actually need X-rays before straightening your teeth? It might seem like an unnecessary procedure, but the truth couldn’t be further from that.

X-rays are absolutely vital for orthodontic treatments. They reveal the differences in the densities of the tissues through which they pass, allowing dentists to check for underlying oral health problems within the gums and teeth that may go otherwise unnoticed.

Any pre-existing issues have to be resolved before any orthodontic treatment can proceed, and X-rays also allow the dentist to prescribe the best treatment solution tailored for your current dental health.

What happens when you get a dental X-ray?

When you undergo a dental X-ray, your enamel and fillings will appear white on the radiograph because they are dense. The bone around your teeth, root canals, and any decay will appear darker in colour because they are less dense. This imaging gives your dentist a clearer picture of any potential underlying issues.

Your dental X-ray can be taken in a few different ways:

Bitewing Xray


This is where you bite down on a special piece of paper so your dentist can see how well the crowns of your teeth match up. It is typically used to check for cavities between teeth.

occlusal X Ray


This is done when your jaw is closed, to see how your upper and bottom teeth line up. It can also be used to detect anatomical abnormalities with the floor of the mouth or palate.

Panoramic X ray


This is where the X-ray machine rotates around your head. It helps to check your wisdom teeth, plan for implanted dental services, or investigate jaw problems.

How do the invisible aligner brands compare?

With quite a few choices in the market, how would you know which provider to go with? Let’s take a look at a few popular brands such as Zenyum, Smile Direct Club, WonderSmile, and newer players such as Reveal Clear Aligners and Dr Clear Aligners.



In essence, all the brands will offer a 3D scan and deliver the set of aligners right to your doorstep for minimum fuss. The check-ins are performed virtually as well, so that you won’t have to leave the comfort of home.

Assurance of Zenyum


The key difference is that only a few brands such as Zenyum, WonderSmile and Reveal Clear Aligners requireX-rays to be performed at the initial assessment. One of the additional benefits that Zenyum provides is having your X-rays and 3D scans performed by local, licensed dentists to assess underlying dental conditions before any treatment is prescribed.

These professional dentists at Zenyum’s trusted partner clinics like NoFrills Dental are there before, during, and after your treatment to ensure that you achieve the smile you want. Although check-ins are mostly done through remote monitoring, Zenyum allows you to schedule an onsite appointment at no additional cost, should you feel safer with one.

You will also enjoy 24/7 access to customer support, dentists, and orthodontists for peace of mind throughout your entire smile journey.

excellent service & payment with Zenyum

Payment Process

With Zenyum, any form of payment or even credit card details won’t be needed until you have officially seen and approved your desired treatment plan. However, brands such as Smile Direct Club will automatically start deducting payment once you have received the treatment plan.

The true value of a smile

While SmileDirectClub may be the most affordable option at a glance, the true value is not purely based on cost.

Having a lack of supervision by professional dentists can have serious consequences. To ensure safe and effective treatment, your unique needs must be taken into account when designing a treatment plan, and that is why X-rays are a must-have in Zenyum’s process.

The extra cost of getting these done might seem unnecessary, but a treatment plan that skips this process can lead to unsuccessful outcomes and could even result in damage such as root resorption, tooth motility, or even tooth loss. It’s a price that no one should have to pay.

Zenyum logo

Choosing what’s best for your smile

With Zenyum, the priority is on safety over convenience. Remote monitoring may be the standard in clear aligner treatments, but Zenyum ensures that important sessions such as the first consultation and your fitting session are done in-person, under a professional eye.

Visits are still kept to a minimum for what is deemed essential for your dental health, and this close supervision is maintained all the way till the end of your treatment. The assurance of having dental professionals by your side throughout your smile journey, and a dedicated Zenyum customer care executive to attend to your queries and concerns at every step of the way means you’ll be getting what’s best for your smile.

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