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About this guidebook

Our dentists have seen many patients with questions and misconceptions about conventional braces.

In this complete guide, we aim to clarify these myths and misconceptions to empower you with the right knowledge to make a well-informed decision before starting your orthodontic treatment.

Braces are a form of orthodontic treatment that is commonly used to correct improper bites and crooked teeth, which may have resulted from improper tooth alignment, lopsided jaw relationships, or both conditions simultaneously.

When done by an experienced practitioner, this treatment will adjust the position of existing teeth and may even be able to control/modify a patient’s facial structure and growth.

Braces treatment allows dentists to effectively correct complex cases of malocclusion such as open bites, cross bites, overbite, underbite, crowded teeth and severe deep bites.

Conventional orthodontic treatment such as metal braces are the tried and tested method to correct misaligned teeth and crooked smiles. They’re the gold standard when it comes to teeth straightening.

What’s inside this guidebook?

• Cost of orthodontic treatment
• Types of orthodontic treatment
• Differences between braces & Invisalign
• Getting started with braces
• The Braces Journey
• Duration for orthodontic treatment

Complete Braces Guidebook
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