We make customized dentures just for you

NoFrills Dental practices dentists have been making dentures for the last 30 years, and to date have made thousands of dentures. Each NoFrills Dental practice denture is customized to match your natural appearance without interfering with the way you speak. The dentures are also created in such a way that they improve how you chew and eat. Below is a brief summary of the process of making customized high quality dentures.

Impressions of your gums and/or teeth will be made

The impressions of your gums and teeth are used to come up with an impression of your mouth. Sometimes your dentist uses these impressions to prepare a temporary model known as a Try-In Denture, to ensure that your denture will fit well and work as desired.

Choose your denture details

Your dentist will show you various teeth colors, shapes and translucencies for you to select what appears as natural as possible for you. Other details are also available for certain denture styles to help mimic a more natural look. These include:

  • Gum shades–includes several custom colors for you to choose from.
  • Gum texture–details that make the denture appear very natural including vein-like structures for your gum line, fibers, ridges and engraved bumps.
  • Ridging–ridges like those on the upper part of the mouth are created on the upper part of the upper denture; this aids in the movement of the tongue as you speak and rotation of food in the mouth as you eat.

Your local NoFrills Dental practice has a denture lab where your dentures will be fabricated

NoFrills Dental Practices employ two methods in fabricating dentures. These are:

  • Cold-pour: this is a long established method of denture fabrication. Pourable acrylic known for its dependability and strength is utilized to make our lower cost NoFrills Dental full denture designs.
  • Heat-injection: this is an advanced denture fabrication method. In this method, the material selected for making the denture is introduced into a customized impression under pressure and afterwards subjected to heat during curing. This method results in stronger and more compact dentures that closely match the shape of a patient’s mouth. Therefore heat-injected dentures are more exact and usually offer a comfortable fit. NoFrills Dental  denture designs are fabricated using this method.

Adjustments after fitting to ensure a proper fit

Since your local NoFrills Dental practice includes a denture lab; after the denture fitting procedure your dentist can make adjustments to ensure your dentures  fit perfectly. This way you can leave your clinic feeling comfortable and content with your denture fit and reduce the need for revisits to your dentist’s office for adjustments. 

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