At NoFrills Dental practices we have made dentures affordable

Apart from replacing lost teeth, dentures also makes you feel more confident and enhances your life. When you visit your local NoFrills Dental practice you will find a wide variety of high quality and affordable dentures.

We offer dentures at different prices to allow you choose the ones that meet your budget. All dentures come with a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you have nothing to worry about. You can be sure that you will have a great experience at our practices because:

All dentures come with Satisfaction Guarantee

In case you are unhappy with how your dentures fit, your NoFrills practice dental team will make adjustments until you are satisfied or you will get a refund.

Terms and Conditions: The Denture Satisfaction Guarantee is applicable to both partial and complete dentures. It covers permanent denture costs only. A request for refund must be made ninety days after the final denture insertion or after a hard reline has been performed. Dentures have to be returned in a period of ninety days after the refund request has been made.

    Each NoFrills Dental practice has its own denture lab

    NoFrills Dental practices have denture labs where all dentures are designed. This therefore means that you will receive quicker service, make fewer visits to your dentist and any repairs or adjustments will be done quickly. In addition, since everything is at your local NoFrills Dental practice, the pricing will be cheaper than in other dental practices that do not have their own dental labs.

    Wide range of denture styles and prices

    You can choose the most suitable dentures from the denture styles we offer. The dental team at your local NoFrills Dental practice will assist you to select the most suitable dentures depending on your budget to keep you smiling.

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