Full Dentures

    Full dentures will restore your smile and enable you to speak and eat more comfortably. NoFrills Dental practices’ dentists have over the years assisted thousands of denture patients. Therefore you can visit your local NoFrills Dental practice with confidence because you will be attended to by dentists with vast experience in dentures. 

    • Concerns about switching to full dentures: It is understandable if you have any concerns regarding full dentures. We advise you to speak to your dentist about any issues that you may have. Dental teams at all NoFrills Dental practices are always willing to assist you and address all your concerns.

    What you need to know about full dentures? 

    Full dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Replacement teeth are attached to a base made from acrylic; this base is customized to appear as your natural gum.

    The upper denture includes a plate that covers the upper part of your mouth. On the other hand the lower denture has a horseshoe-shape in that when it is fitted into your mouth it firmly lies on your gum and supporting bone structure.

    With advanced denture technology you will be amazed by the natural appearance of your dentures. NoFrills Dental practices offer you high quality and comfortable fit dentures that appear as natural as your natural gums and teeth.  

    Basic Full Dentures

    A wonderful smile is more than just basic. Basic dentures are created using the conventional cold pour technique from unaccented acrylic material. In addition your basic full dentures come with a six month warranty and a satisfaction guarantee whereby if you are unsatisfied with your dentures your money is refunded.

    Basic Full dentures have been reported to work perfectly, are affordable and are crafted to provide you great value. Unaccented acrylic material makes these dentures resistant to wear. Your dentures will be custom made to give you that perfect fit and soon enough you will able to smile, laugh and eat more comfortably.

    Basic Full dentures are basically a great option since they work perfectly and also look great.

    Classic Full Dentures

    These custom dentures made using the conventional cold-pour technique are meant to restore your wonderful smile. The pigmentation of Classic Full Dentures is customized to blend in with the natural appearance of your gum tissues. In addition your classic full dentures come with a one year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee whereby if you are unsatisfied with your dentures your money is refunded.

    All NoFrills Dental dentures are hand-made by experts who ensure that the dentures appear as natural as possible. Classic Full Dentures are affordable and custom-made to give you a perfect and comfortable fit. Every curve is uniquely crafted according to the shape of your mouth. When you visit your local practice you can be sure that you will get an attractive denture and a perfect fit.

    Classic Full dentures are made using the conventional cold pour process from high quality materials. This means that classic full dentures are strong and durable. In addition, since it is possible for your dentist to make color adjustments to the acrylic material, Classic Full dentures can be made to appear almost as natural as your gum tissue.  

    Classic Full dentures have a limited warranty of one year.

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