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Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Surgery

Extraction of wisdom tooth is a common dental procedure carried out in all dental clinics. At NoFrills Dental, we provide a secure, comfortable and clean environment for all types of dental procedures.

If you have any concern about wisdom tooth extraction/surgery procedure, do feel free to give us a call.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Surgical Treatment

At NoFrills Dental, we offer wisdom tooth extraction treatment. An impacted wisdom tooth is often the cause of severe discomfort for a patient and may even lead to dental infections.

Tooth extraction can offer a much-needed relief and comfort from severe pain. It also helps to maintain oral hygiene and prevents other dental problems. Before the procedure, dentists will evaluate the patient’s condition and conduct a complete diagnostic examination. The procedure is then conducted under local anaesthesia or sedation.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore – At NoFrills Dental, we aim to provide affordable dental care for everyone and have clinics in easily accessible parts of Singapore. Contact us today to know more about various dental services and our flexible payment options.

Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth that grows at an angle towards the back of the mouth, the second molar or at a right angle to other teeth may cause a lot of trouble. It is also extremely painful when a wisdom tooth grows straight up or down, like other teeth, but remains trapped within the jawbone.

As food particles are trapped along the corners of the wisdom tooth, it causes recurring gum infections, decaying of the adjacent tooth and chronic dental problems. The development of a cyst or a fluid-filled sac near the wisdom tooth is also common in some patients. It may also lead to complications in orthodontic procedures.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore – The first step is to find out whether you need wisdom teeth extraction. If extraction is required, dental professionals at NoFrills Dental will walk you through the procedure and its effects.

Following your approval to proceed with the extraction process, the surgery will be conducted under local anaesthesia or sedation. The time taken to extract the tooth depends upon its size and position. Once the wisdom teeth are completely extracted, our professionals will replace the tissue and positioned with the help of dissolvable stitches. The tissue automatically heals within a one-to-two week period.

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  • Prevention of Teeth Misalignment: When you go in for wisdom teeth extraction, you prevent the possibility of teeth misalignment, very likely for your entire lifetime. Letting wisdom teeth grow results in dental overcrowding, which in turn leads to potential misalignment issues that may require bracing to rectify. However, without wisdom teeth, there are no such worries.
  • Reduced Risk of Infections: When wisdom teeth are not dealt with, they can cause a whole host of dental issues, especially the impacted ones. Dental infections can be incredibly painful and if severe, may even lead to life-threatening complications. So do away with the risk of dental infections through wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Reduced Chances of Cysts and Tumours in the Jawbone: Wisdom teeth, particularly impacted ones, have the tendency to become a playground for harmful bacteria. Tumours and cysts may develop if the activity of this bacteria is not kept in check. Severe complications may arise if they invade the jawbone.

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