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Medisave is the national medical savings funds in Singapore, which every Singaporean and PRs (Permanent Residents) contributes as portion of their monthly income to pay for future hospitalisation, day surgeries and certain outpatient services. Singaporean and PRs can utilise their Medisave funds for certain medical services and treatments in Singapore. As such, certain dental treatments are eligible for Medisave claim.

In this article we’ll discuss some commonly asked questions regarding the usage of Medisave for dental procedures in Singapore.

Medisave claims for dental implants in Singapore

Medisave Claimable Dental Services

As a general rule of thumb, only surgical procedures or day surgeries are Medisave claimable, the list of Medisave claimable services has been listed by the Ministry of Health in the Table Of Surgical Procedures (TOSP).  

The list is an exhaustive list, which ranks procedures from 1A to 7C. Every surgery has a specific code and a predetermined amount that can be claimed. All claimable amounts are fixed based on the ranking of the medical procedures. Any procedures not listed or without a table ranking 1A to 7C are not claimable.

Examples of commonly done Medisave claimable dental services include:

Who Can Claim From Their Medisave?

  • Only Singapore citizens or permanent residents
  • Claimants must have sufficient funds in their Medisave account to cover the dental bill

It’s important to note that you can utilise the Medisave accounts of your immediate family members (Spouse, parents or child) to claim for your medical treatments, if you haven’t got sufficient amount of funds in your own Medisave account. Additionally, Medisave claims are subject to approval by CPF, depending on the balance of the claiming account.

Patients looking to utilise their Medisave funds or the Medisave funds of an immediate family member for their medical treatments will need to sign and submit a Medisave Authorisation Form (Don’t worry, we’ll help you every step of the Medisave claim process).

Medisave claims for dentistry

How Do I Claim From Medisave?

Generally, during your initial consultation our dentist or administrative staff will inform you beforehand that the procedure you’ll be undergoing is Medisave claimable, you’ll be able to choose whether or not to utilise your Medisave account to claim a portion of the fees during payment or while you’re being discharged.

Appointment Booking

During the initial booking of your dental appointment, our dedicated support team will inform you if the dental treatment that you’ve enquired about is Medisave claimable.

Initial Consultation

On the day of your appointment, please bring along your ID or the ID of the family member that will be utilising their account for the Medisave Claim for verification purposes.

The owner of the Medisave account will be asked to complete the Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCF) if they would like to claim from their Medisave account.

Verification & Processing

After indicating your desire to utilise the Medisave claim, our administrative staff will verify Medisave balance of the claiming account over the counter using the SingPass app. Once verification has been completed, our administrative staff will proceed with the claim submission.

A Medisave Claims Statement will be sent to the owner of the Medisave account as soon as the deduction has been processed.

Additionally, our team at NoFrills Dental clinic will also these information with you as well;

  • The bill incurred by you
  • Confirmation of the Medisave account holder
  • Amount deducted from Medisave
  • The outstanding bill to be paid after the Medisave claim

How much can I claim from my Medisave Account for my dental treatments?

As mentioned above, the amount of Medisave claim available to patients is dependant on the surgery that’s being done. Based on the Table Of Operations provided by the Ministry of Health.

All Medisave claimable procedures are ranked from 1A to 7C based on the table below. Medisave claimable amount ranges from $250 – $7,550 based on the complexity of the surgery.

As a general rule of thumb, only surgical procedures are Medisave claimable, some commonly claimed procedures include:

Medisave Claimable Dental Services Claimable Amount: (S$)
Placement of Dental Implant(s) Up to $950 Per Tooth
Removal of Dental Implants(s) Up to $450 Per Tooth
Wisdom Tooth Surgery – Single Tooth Up to $950
Wisdom Tooth Surgery – 2 or 3 Teeth Up to $1850
Surgical Consumables Up to $300 Per Session

MOH has thorough guidelines for Medisave accredited dental clinics and dentists to follow with regards claimable Medisave surgical procedures.

Table of Operations A B C
1 $250 $350 $450
2 $600 $750 $950
3 $1,250 $1,550 $1,850
4 $2,150 $2,600 $2,850
5 $3,150 $3,550 $3,950
6 $4,650 $5,150 $5,560
7 $6,200 $6,900 $7,550

Table of Operations provided by MOH Patients can claim $250 – $7,550 from their Medisave account, the claimable amount is dependant on the complexity of the medical procedure. After the Medisave claim has been made, patients will typically be required to make payment for the remaining portion of the outstanding bill upon discharge.

FAQs About Medisave Claims For Dental Services

Here are some of the commonly asked questions our dentist get about using Medisave for dental procedures in Singapore.

Can I use Medisave to claim for Invisalign, Braces or Veneers treatment?

No. As a general rule of thumb, Medisave claims are reserved for surgical procedures only. As such, orthodontic procedures such as Invisalign or Braces are not Medisave claimable. Additionally, veneers are a cosmetic procedure, as such, they are also not Medisave claimable.

Can I use Medisave for my root canal treatment?

No. Root canal treatments are not considered as surgical procedures under the table of surgical procedures as laid out by the Ministry of Health.

Can I use Medisave for tooth extraction?

It depends, certain surgical tooth extractions are Medisave claimable. However, for basic non-surgical extraction, they are not Medisave claimable.

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